Some printed examples of my labels.

For this post about yogurt, I am sharing the illustrations that I did for Darigold. Each group of fruit that I illustrated was mirrored and used on another part of the label. Probably the most challenging flavor to illustrate was the plain yogurt – a white dollop on a spoon!

Plain yogurt flavor for Darigold (Final art is from a color copy). I did have the marker comp and it had more detail to share. It was also somewhat yellow.

Since I have most of the original paintings for this project, I have provided many close-ups. Certain flavors required more design development and my line drawings indicate how the illustration was cropped.

All of my yogurt paintings (with the exception of the cottage cheese ones for Crowley’s) were created using watercolor/dyes. I sometimes added colored pencil for more detail. Acrylic was always used to create “peel textures” and strawberry hives. Friskit (the peeling kind) was used to create crisp and clean edges between the elements. I also masked my work to prevent smudges or imperfections.

Peach flavor for Darigold.

A close-up of the peach texture. Pink and white colored pencil helpful create the fuzzy texture.

Cherry Vanilla flavor for Darigold.

Key Lime Pie flavor for Darigold. It is a very popular flavor.

Strawberry Banana flavor for Darigold. I have illustrated a lot of cut bananas, and “delicacy” of strokes is definitely required!

Below are examples of the different kinds of leaves for this project. Because these illustrations were so small, I did not make them “super realistic.” I did always keep in mind the color of the fruit next to the leaf. I would incorporate that color into the shadows, as well as the leaf I was illustrating.

I hardly require reference anymore in order to paint most leaves anymore. I have painted so many that I could do them from memory. I never thought that would happen for me!

Strawberry flavor for Darigold.

A close-up of a strawberry leaf and stem. I like the droplet showing the hive underneath it.

A close up of the strawberry hives. I like the little droplet on top. I learned later on how to add droplets to the contours of objects.

Cherry flavor for Darigold.

A close-up of a cherry leaf.

Blackberry flavor for Darigold.

Marion berry flavor for Darigold. It is also called “Huckleberry,” I learned.

A huckleberry leaf.

Raspberry flavor for Darigold

A close-up of raspberry leaves and stems. The center stem usually has spikes and hairs on it.

I began my freelance career right out of college in 1981. I was an illustrator for thirty years. I have enjoyed sharing about my art career on this blog.

On my other blog, myjourneysinsight.com, I share about my passionate love of music and writing. Sometimes there is a “crossover.” Just for fun, I thought I’d share my dialog (in blue) with a few friends regarding the pun choice for this post. I have always loved puns.

To my friends:  I am writing a post for my art blog on Yogurt. Here is what I have so far: ILLUSTRATING YOGURT MADE ME CULTURED. If anyone has any better pun ideas for me – please share!

I like the title, though I wonder if your culture was ACTIVE enough. Of course illustrated art is pretty GREEK to me, and I’m not RUSSIAN to take it up at this late date, HONEY. Susan

Ps. Don’t give me any RASPBERRIES about this!

Wow, Susan, great puns. I just got CREAMED! I like active – that is possible a good addition for me. Maybe I’ll do: “I was actively illustrating yogurt when I became cultured.”

If the yogurt is good enough, I say Clean YO PLAIT!  On the other hand, I can see that I might soon SOUR on these puns. Susan

I am letting out a blood CURDling scream because these puns are so bad!

Well, if that’s the WHEY you feel about it. Susan

I know I feel that way because it’s a “COTTAGE” industry. I’m a “KNUD SON of a bitch.” I can’t believe I just wrote such a bad pun!

You guys are MILKing this subject for all it’s worth! Carol

I DAIRY you to come up with another one!

There’s no TOPPING that! Sam

I’m afraid I LACTO the enzymes to DIGEST all these puns. Susan

Oh, CHEESES, you’re really making me work for this one! Carol

I don’t know how everyone has been able to keep CHURNing these puns out! DANNON it! I am so tired from blogging on this post that I am going to go eat something. It will definitely not be yogurt or cottage cheese!

Estimate for Darigold.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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  1. kgear3 says:

    These look phenomenal! I wish I had a freelance career like this…. So cool!


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